Michel Thomas Language Courses

Over a period of 25 Years, Michel Thomas developed and perfected a unique method of teaching French, Spanish, German and Italian languages. His Approach gives Startling results within a remarkably short time, all without the need for books, memorizing, or homework. In esence, Michel Thomas breaks French, Spanish, German and Italian languages down to their component parts and enables learners to reconstruct the language themselves to form their own sentences, to say what they want, when they want. The experience of learning a languages becomes so exciting and satisfying that it stimulates self-motivation and builds confidence.

Michel Thomas presents the language within simple, elegant structures that echo the way the language is spoken. He achieves this by guiding you through carefully planned sets of exercises, that build up your understanding of the language almost without you realising it. You are able to absorb the structures effortlessly and apply them natuarally from the start.

Who is Michel Thomas?
Michel Thomas was head of the Michel Thomas language centers and taught French, Spanish, German and Italian for over fifty years, primarily in New York, Beverly Hills and London. He was a graduate of the department of Philology at the University of Bordeaux, France, and studied pyschology at the Sorbonne (Paris) and at the University of Vienna. However, it was his remarkable life experiences that feulled his passion for teaching languages. Searching for Spanish School in Spain and Spanish courses in Spain.

Michel Thomas spent most of his chldhood in German and France. With the rise of Hitler, he began his years of escape and resistance. He spent two brutal years in French concentration camps and slave labour camps, constantly threatened by deportation to German death camps.

He escape and fought for the French Resistance, surviving capyure, interrogation by Klaus Barbie – the “Butcher of Lyons” – and torture by the gestapo.

His mastery of French, Spanish, German and Italian languages enabled him to adopt many identities and once France was liberated, allowed him to join the US army as an intelligence officer. His unit went on to liberate Dachau, where he interrogated the camp executioner and interviewed survivors. As well as recording the horrors of the holocaust, he was driven by a personal mission to discover the fate of his own family At the end of the war, he masterminded operations to uncover war criminals and infiltrate underground Nazi groups, and was renowned for his ability to extract confessions without ever having to recourse to violence. In 1944 Michel was nominated for the silver star medal for his service to the US Armys 45th Infantry division if France. The award was finally presented to him in May 2004, sixty years later.