Water Heater Repair – Gas Water Heater Problems & Fixes

Lots of people cannot live without hot water. For this we need a functional water heater. However just like any other appliance at home, water heaters whether electric or gas break down. Most water heaters are very reliable but from time to time they will need repairs. Here are some Appliance Repair Leads problems that might crop up.


Here are some common problems of gas water heaters that you need to watch out for:

>No or inadequate hot water
>Rust colored water
>Foul smelling water
>Popping noise or high pitched whining
>Water leak

When there is no hot water being produced it can be caused by a faulty gas pilot, broken thermocouple or your gas pilot control valve might be defective. It is relatively easy to change a thermocouple or a gas pilot so but make sure to check the owner’s manual first or you can call in a service to help you with this matter.

If your water heater produces little hot water this can be an issue of supply and demand. Meaning your tank might be too small for your needs. A damaged dip cube which controls the mixture of hot water and cold water could also be the problem. And in some cases it could also be caused by gas issues.

Rust colored water can be cleared by replacing the sacrificial anode. Over time this part dissolves to keep the tank from rusting. When this happens the sacrificial anode needs replacing to clear your water.

Foul odor is usually caused by sediment buildup in your tank. You can solve this by flushing the water heater or you can replace the sacrificial anode with a zinc alloy anode to get rid of the smell or even replace your tank to a plastic lined one.

Popping noises are also caused by sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank. This can lead to overheating. Solve this problem by having your tank flushed.

Water leaks can lead to a water heater repair. This is usually caused by faulty valves. Check your T&P valves as well as your water pressure. If leaks persist, check the bottom of your tank for corrosion which in turn leads to leaks.

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