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When you call me you will get the whole truth, the straight skinny, the complete up and up – so that when I do say that the man is a good choice for you or that you have met that special lady…you can trust it! Call Psych-Hub Today..

Declaring to know the Future

Hear ye, hear ye! NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE! What a good Reader can do is extrapolate the likely future outcome from many factors including the mindset/habits/attitude of the person in question, the past patterns of the situation, the energy surrounding the question, and the visions she is seeing. The phone psychic reader can then base a likely outcome on that information. Also, people (Clairvoyant or not) can have premonitions – uncontrolled glimpses into a future path that do sometimes happen. But I have yet to met someone who can have premonitions at will. Phone a real psychic who will give you an honest reading.

It never ceases to boggle my mind that this fallacy persists of fortune-telling future predictions. I mean really, if people could see the future, all lottery and gambling endeavors would cease to exist and Readers would have seen September 11th coming. Heh. Not even Famous Sylvia Browne saw that coming. So get it out of your noggin, no one knows the future.

Of course, if you know a Reader who can prove me wrong, I would sure love to meet ’em.

Offering to perform spells

This is the #1 scam of the phone psychic readings industry. Get the client to trust you a bit and offer to do a spell for them to get their lover back or influence the outcome of a legal battle or bring in more money to stave off disaster. A day later inform the client that you did the spell but the situation is so difficult it needs more energy and know the perfect place to get supplies for the spell, but it will cost a small donation of $100 for the time and materials…and then a week later…you can keep the spell working, but you could use a little more because it is taking so much energy…etc, etc.

The client can be out thousands before the scam ends.

When most people call they are hurting and vulnerable, very vulnerable. To abuse that is simply terrible, and believe me it will come back to bite those who have done it. Plus, I prefer you spend your energies on personal change rather trying to manipulate a person or situation to your liking.

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