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Basically there are two types of washing machines in use as said by Welch’s Appliance Repair of Dunwoody, the frontloading or horizontal access washer, and the old standby top loading washers. Obviously the basic function of a washing machine is to take dirty clothes, wash them thoroughly, and spin as much water out of them as possible. Removing as much moisture as possible from the clothing, cuts down on the amount of time that a dryer has to operate. This is one of the reasons that front loading washers are becoming more and more popular. Not to mention the fact that the manufacturers are pushing them because they are less expensive to manufacture in most cases. Also the market is demanding more front loading washers. Because a front loading washer does not use a transmission, and has less mechanical parts, it can spin the clothing to remove moisture much faster.


Front Loading or Horizontal Access Washer
A front loading washer has a wash / spin basket that spins horizontally. The clothes are put in and removed from the washer by a door located on the front. Most front loading washers today use variable speed motors, either an alternating current motor, or a direct current motor. This allows the manufacturer to vary the amount of voltage that is delivered to the washer motor to be able to control the speed of the motor. Mostly in the case of the front loading washer that has a DC motor, the washer manufacturer can design the washer so that it tumbles in both directions. This is a key feature in the event that a front loading washing machine gets out of balance and starts to vibrate. With a DC motor, the manufacturer can stop the spin basket, and rotate it in the opposite direction in an effort to distribute the clothing more evenly. In fact, this is a very common problem with front loading washers. They tend to vibrate, especially when on a pedestal, due to the fact that the center of gravity is higher. The more serious problems with unstable or vibrating washers, are those that are installed on a weak floor. Front loading washers that operate on a solid concrete floor have less issues with vibration.

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